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I’ve come to the sad conclusion that no matter how hard we try we will be branded Racist. Below in the video is just a sampling of a few stupid racist women, but in reality the number of people who think we are racist is much higher I would say.  I mean if you go by Obama’s election percentage among black voters.

But you really have to turn this number around in reality. If they think we are racist, that means they do not like us..because of the color of our skin. JMHO

I’m tired of “Polar Bearing”, “Knockout Games” .Sorry to say I’m getting to the point of not caring. I think America is soon to follow. Sad..


On February 28, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph decided to stop by the DNC winter meeting to ask committee members just how much of the opposition to President Obama is racist.


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Fellowship of the Minds


Ishita Mishra reports for The Times of India that on Feb. 20, 2014, Neelam Sharma, 45, was found murdered in her home in Agra, India. Her pet dog also was killed.

Neelam is the wife of Vijay, the editor of a Hindi daily newspaper.

Since his wife’s murder, Vijay had noticed a change in the behavior of their pet parrot, Hercule, whenever his nephew Ashutosh visited the house.

Hercule, as in Hercule Poirot, the famous detective in Agatha Christie’s novels.

Vijay noted that even when Ashutosh wasn’t visiting, “During discussions too, whenever Ashutosh’s name was mentioned, the parrot would start screeching. This raised my suspicion and I informed the police.”

So the police interrogated Ashutosh — and he confessed.

Agra’s Senior Superintendent of Police Shalabh Mathur told Times of India: 

“We checked his [Ashutosh’s] call details and took him in custody. He accepted his crime and informed us that he…

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Fellowship of the Minds

“In a world without God, everything is permitted.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Spanish devils

Last Saturday, March 1, 2014, a small village in Spain called Luzon had a carnival.

That’s nothing unusual as carnival festivals are celebrated in hundreds of villages across Spain.

What is unusual, as reported by NBC News, is that the celebrants in Luzon’s carnival smeared themselves with oil and soot, and wore bull horns on their heads, to look like devils (see pic above). Preserved records from the 14th century document Luzon’s carnival, but the real origin of the tradition could have begun much earlier.

There are people who do the devilish Luzon carnival celebrants one better.

Instead of wearing bull horns on their heads and smearing their faces with oil and soot, these sick individuals undergo “extreme body modifications” of tattoos and plastic surgery to make themselves look like monsters.

Michael Snyder writes on The Truth

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I read an article that was screaming ‘Chiyangwa’s daughter in sex-toy scandal’ This is in present day Zimbabwe! I’m seriously (#LookingForWords). I found myself reading, not because I think that this is a serious issue but just to see just HOW this article was written because lately, we’ve been flooded by poorly written articles that would find a more eager audience on some back door Google page 226 site on soft porn than in a national newspaper!
What are in quotes are the words I took directly out of the article.

“Secretary to the Censorship Board, Isaac Chiranganyika told Standardlife&style that they had not cleared anyone in Zimbabwe to sell sex toys or to hold auctions or any activities that promoted sexual activities.”

PSI and Carex, Durex nemaDhimbare condoms aya eblue pls run!! Censorship board is after you!

“Anyone who wants to do that business should first bring them [toys]…

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Open Doors

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Appearance and Reality

Broken Believers


Jesus comes for each man, woman and child.  Every person is precious. Our sin may separate us from others. Jesus Christ seeks every heart. Sin has been dealt with on the cross, completely and surely. We are loved down to the deepest fiber of our being.

Sometimes cultures create categories of sin. But handling sin without the protective gloves of the Holy Spirit will only contaminate us, no matter what the sin. Taking precautions we should help each other find freedom, not condemnation.

The sin maybe adultery, drunkenness, stealing, hatred, or murder. It could be cheating on our income taxes. It could even be homosexuality. But only God’s love can be trusted to forgive and restore us. A repentant heart is all it takes. Why not ask Him to show you how to repent? Jesus told the woman who had committed adultery:

 “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither…

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Reflections Of An African Youth

I am often asked by colleagues and friends, especially those who don’t live in Zimbabwe, what I think about President Mugabe. To most people he is either a cruel despot who ruined Zimbabwe and uses unorthodox means to say in power or he is a brilliant leader, a very intelligent and dedicated Pan-Africanist who has beaten the whites at their own game.

I think most people want to hear my views because of my somewhat unique perspective- I am a Pan-Africanist yet I don’t support ZANU PF. I am a member of the MDC-T and I am convinced that most of Zimbabwe’s current problems are a result of ZANU PF’s rule- in particular its intolerance, corruption, incompetence and resistance to change.

However the good the party and president Mugabe have done cannot be gainsaid. While he is blamed for many things like Gukurahundi, hyperinflation, political intolerance, violence and others he…

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Profound and Certain Issues

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

A must read……..

Broken Believers

As stumbling and struggling believers in God’s grace, we gather in a simple circle and wonder out loud.  There are many things that perplex us.  We share notes and try to make sense of our Father’s sovereignty and grace.  Sometimes, it seems He is out to get us.  I remember reading a saint, she said something like, “[God] no wonder you have so many enemies, when you treat your friends so shoddily.” (You can tell that I’m working on my attitude here.)

But it isn’t that he is out to “get” us.  It is more like he is out to “make” us.  A distraught woman who just lost her children in a house fire sobbed bitterly. It was obvious that she was completely broken and shattered. She turned to a close friend,  “What is God doing to me?”  Her dear friend, an older saint, quietly spoke with a profound wisdom. “Honey…

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For The Work, For Our Lord

Posted: April 3, 2013 in God's Case

Broken Believers

Lord God, you have placed me in your church.

You know how unsuitable I am. Were it not for your guidance I would have brought everything to destruction. I wish to give my heart and mouth to your service. I desire to teach your people, and long to be taught your work.

Use me as your workman, dear Lord. Do not forsake me; for if I am alone I shall bring all to nought. Amen.


A written prayer by Martin Luther, (b. November 10, 1483 – d. February 18, 1546) Catholic Monk, Reformer, Theologian, Writer.


Some General Quotes by Luther:MartinLuther

“Faith is a living and unshakable confidence, a belief in the grace of God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.”

“So when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this: “I…

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The last two weeks have been dominated by discussions over crucial and interesting developments in Zimbabwe’s political landscape. The European Union removed 81 members of Mugabe’s ZANU PF party from the sanctions list. This was followed by a three member team of Zimbabwe’s ruling coalition visiting London to attend a meeting organised by the Friends of Zimbabwe countries. For some, including myself, the removal of Mugabe’s people from the sanctions list was a major milestone for Zimbabwe not because the violence has stopped or the fact that this removal was motivated by what “Friends of Zimbabwe” termed a largely peaceful referendum but

because for so long, Zimbabweans have been held hostage by ZANU PF who hid behind these sanctions. For too long now we have witnessed a complete refusal by ZANU PF to abide to the rule of law because of the economic sanctions that were levelled against them by…

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The elitist constitutional breakthrough is far from answers to solve Zimbabwe’s problems.

While I appreciate the said constitutional breakthrough by the Global Political Agreement principals, I have reservations that the move was elitist. Zimbabweans spent more than three years collecting important information about how they wish to be governed and their wishes were expected to be put in a referendum without alterations. According to the MDCs earlier statements, there were not supposed to be any negotiations about altering the draft constitution. To my surprise, the very MDCs that many support have come out in support of an altered document, calling the move a major success in history. I may agree that there were compromises made
from all political parties involved but I find it rather disgusting that once again, we have allowed the country’s principals to decide

what is important or not on their own. Others may celebrate the breakthrough as…

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“Oh foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you…” Gal 3:1

Morgan Tsvangirai is a man of doubtful democratic credentials. One would have hoped for some redeeming qualities. There are none. He has no grand vision apart from toppling our dearest Mad Bob. He is no orator. Neither is he a strategist.  Some generous critics have called him “sincere but misdirected,” other are not as kind and use less colourful terms. My views on Morgan are well known and I will not tire you by repeating what has been said elsewhere. Instead of attacking Morgan Tsvangirai, I think our sword is better directed at those who have made the naked man king, Zimbabweans.

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I have written a letter to Juba touching specifically on the challenges faced by today’s youths and why it is so important for our current African leaders to engage young fresh blood in the development process.

I also encourage you to write one such letter to the people of South Sudan, who recently gained independence, expounding what it is that you believe can bring change to our newly born African nation.

Together we can make Africa a better place for you, for me our future generation and the rest of the world……..

See more details………

Yes ! we can……..

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Help fight Xenophobia and Deportation of Asylum seekers, Refugees and Immigrants. Together we can defeat Xenophobia! SUPPORT, DON’T DEPORT!!!!!! 



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So my dear friends will be leaving Cape Town and driving up to Juba, South Sudan’s capital. En route to Juba they will drive through South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The journey will take three months.

Along the way they will engage as many people as they can in each country; they are aiming for 900 (100 in each country). Teachers, artists, students, doctors, elders, refugees, priests, politicians, farmers, beggars, academics, journalists, dissidents and whoever else wants to share their thoughts with them. see more details…….